Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Join me in congratulating Ivana Hernandez, the 4th winner up in the Oratorical Final Contest held this Saturday, March 24, 2012. Her performance was excellent. In the last couple of months 135, 11th graders from throughout upstate New York State competed for a spot in the finals. Out of four regional competitions, 9 students won spots for the finals. Ivana, who attends Athena High and was sponsored by our club, won the opportunity to place in the finals by coming in 1st in the semi-finals in Brighton last month. The 9 students competed for 5 spots in today's final contest, making them eligible to receive scholarships to local colleges. Ivana did a superb job in her presentation and placed in 4th place in the competition. This is a great success for the Rochester Latino Rotary Club, which in its' third year of existence has placed a fifth place winner in 2011 and a fourth place winner this current year.

Special thanks to our Dale Carnegie trainer, Mike McDermott, and the incredible work performed by an exemplary committee who met faithfully every week, with great devotion since the beginning of January. Thank you Diana Irizarry, Elisa DeJesus, and Luisa Baars.




Diana Hernandez, President

Rochester Latino Rotary  


"Reach Within to Embrace Humanity"