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Latino Rotary sponsored ‪‎RHYBL‬ 13-15 division Chicago Whitesox

Congratulations to our Latino Rotary sponsored Rochester Hispanic Youth Baseball League 13-15 yr old division team the Whitesox on their playoff victory 7/29/15 at Baden Park vs. The Diamondbacks. Two Whitesox players took home All Star Game MVP and All Star Rookie MVP. Although they did not win the championship game vs. the Rays, every player put forth great effort, and had a lot of fun doing it! Way to go Whitesox and the rest of the RHYBL baseball teams...a great positive for the youth in our Latino community!
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Why should I care about the Latino Community?

Posted by Abraham Hernandez on Apr 25, 2012

Story by Mildred D. Vazquez

Clay Osborn (if you do not know who he is; Google him) gave an interesting and informative presentation at a Latino Rotary function last week. I have to admit, I did not know that he is Panamanian. Not that it makes any difference, but it surely reminds us as Latinos of the diversity of the Latino. With a name like Osborn, I had no clue. Clay shared with the group an observation that is obvious but not often considered by non-Latinos. Latinos are not Latinos until they enter the United States. I am paraphrasing here.
There are over 54k Latinos in Monroe County, that represents about 7.25% of the population; they include Cubans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, all parts of Central and South America, and Spanish, I hope that I have not missed anyone (if I did please chalk it up to my ignorance and not as an intentional slight to any group). Puerto Ricans still are the dominant group but that is changing. I think it is for us to embrace the diversity of the Latino community here in the Greater Rochester area.

Each group has its own identity, culture, way of speaking, foods, celebrating, but to the larger non-Latino community, for the most part, we are one group, generally speaking. I do know that standing aside and not standing by our Latino brothers and sisters we will not achieve affluence and influence as a group. When you watch the news they refer to the Latino Vote, the Latino Buying Power. It is a real thing. Even at only 7% we can make enough waves to cause change.  This newsletter is not about politics but about helping to increase the Latino Affluence and Influence by working with each other. This is done in many ways. Seek Latino businesses regardless of which Latino country the owner is from. Expecting and demanding great service but do this respectfully and constructively, not by trashing a business but communicating with that business or agency about the poor service. Speak to the manager, write a letter, and give it another chance. It is important to give each other a leg up. These may sound like simple steps not worth mentioning; but too often, I hear Latinos say that will not do business with a Latino business because it is owned by Latinos. Isn’t that crazy?

Where do Latinos live in Monroe County? Below is a breakdown of the Latino population as of the 2010 Census:

Top Five:  
                                                                                                     Bottom Five:
City/Town                                              Total                                                City/Town                                     Total
City of Rochester                                 34,456                                              Rush                                              48
Greece                                                    4,625                                              Wheatland                                   110
Irondequoit                                              3,220                                              Riga                                             122
Henrietta                                                 1,827                                               Mendon                                       152
Webster                                                  1,236                                               Hamlin                                         236

Note: These figures do not include populations living in the villages, like the Village of Pittsford, etc.
Where do Latinos live in Monroe County? Below is a breakdown of the Latino population as of the 2010 Census:

I will leave you with this one last fact:
Hispanics contributed 23% ($65 billion) of the nation’s total purchasing power of $284 billion, while only accounting for 13.8% of the population in 2003.

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